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    $4.00 – PC
    $4.00 – MAC
  • Play Well with Power Chords

    POWER CHORDS PC/Mac is the same innovative learning tool as the iPad / iPhone version – now finally available for your laptop and PC. Power Chords is a simply perfect way to learn guitar chords for beginner to advanced guitar players.

    POWER CHORDS PC/Mac is a powerful study tool – it’s perfect for musicians and instructors to better their understanding of how guitar chords should be properly played. There are myriad musical styles in music from classical Spanish guitar to garage band rock to heavy metal where some more unique chords can be explored. Power Chords can benefit all guitar players regardless of their background and music genre.

    • A library with over a 1000+ chords revealing multiple finger placements.
    • 3 playback sound modes: Acoustic, Classical and Electric Guitar.
    • Multi Chords feature with the ability to compose short chord arrangements.

    This invaluable reference tool is a great compliment together with POWER SCALES.

Have a look at the demo video for the iOS Version